About AFSCME 3360

We are the members of AFSCME Local 3360

MetroHealth Medical Center is Cleveland's only public hospital. A facility committed to providing quality care to members of our community, regardless of economic background.

AFSCME members play a major role in providing that care--providing medical, technical, clerical and support functions throughout the MetroHealth System.

AFSCME Local 3360 members provide services at the Medical Center and at dozens of MetroHealth System facilities throughout the Cleveland area.

The most recent addition to the membership of AFSCME Local 3360 are the bargaining employees of the MetroHealth Center for Skilled Nursing West.  The MetroHealth Center for Skilled Nursing West is a new, state of the art, skilled nursing facility that is located at the southern end of the MetroHealth Medical Center campus.

38 Years of Union Pride
AFSCME Local 3360

In the winter of '67, more than 150 employees of Sunny Acres Hospital made a decision that continues to affect us today.

They fought bravely for 75 days to win a union and force the county to treat them with the respect and dignity all workers deserve.

That victory was the first for hospital workers in Cuyahoga County and proved that workers who are united can win against overwhelming odds.

Their successful job action triggered a union election at Highland View Hospital and the formation of our union at Metro in 1968. Management then recognized AFSCME after hundreds of Metro workers signed union cards.

For 3 decades, AFSCME has made a difference for hospital workers. Through the power of collective action we have won higher wages. Hospital workers' pay in 1967 was so low, they were eligible for welfare benefits. AFSCME members put a stop to that. Now Metro workers are among the highest paid in Ohio.

For 38 years, hospital workers have been fighting for justice, respect and dignity. Our union continues this struggle today. With your support, we will continue to win a better work life for MetroHealth employees.

Through collective action, we have greatly increased our benefits. Over the years, we have:

-added vacation days
-secured more holidays
-gained the ability to convert sick leave to cash at retirement
-increased shift differential pay

We have also gained employer-paid health care coverage for full and part-time employees including prescription, vision, dental and hearing coverage just to name a few.

We didn't get these improvements by accident. It took all of us, united as AFSCME members to win economic justice for Metro's 2,000 bargaining unit members.

In January of 2008 Locals 3360 and Locals 3353 merged to form The MetroHealth System Employees Local 3360.  Our membership grew to over 2100 members.  Welcome 3353 brothers and sisters

AFSCME Local 3360
Winning the Fight for MetroHealth Employees

AFSCME Local 3360
Representing the Employees of Cleveland's MetroHealth Medical Center and Satellite Clinics